Rules & Regulations

  • No Cell phone is allowed during camp, cadets will be allowed to call parents as per the schedule, parents make sure to be available during the time slot provided.
  • Cadets are to attend all Instructional sessions, team practices and team games on time.
  • Cadets must listen to all staff, and be courteous and respectful at all times.
  • Always move with your team and Instructors when moving from one activity to the next.
  • NONE may leave the campus unless they have permission from the camp or Company Instructor. Cadets should not go to the dorm any time without an Instructor.
  • Once you are at the dorm for the night, you are not allowed to go out.
  • NO illegal substances or alcoholic beverages shall be possessed nor consumed. Failure to abide by the camp regulations will result in dismissal from the camp and the expense will be borne by the parent.
lost & found:
  • Our objective is to always maintain a safe and fun atmosphere at camp.
  • Please make sure that your child’s name with surname is on all of his/her belongings. We are not responsible for Items lost or damaged at camp.
  • Any additional supplies will be charged extra. Especially caps.
  • To avoid losing a valuable Item, we respectfully request that you encourage your ward to leave these Items at home.
  • This would particularly include hand-held computer games, stuffed animals, |Pods-type devices, cell phones and special card/toy collections.
  • No cash should be carried, there will be checking of baggage before entry to the dorm, and If found will be taken and returned on the last day of the camp.
  • We have Lost and Found area in the Camp Office on location.
  • Our staff will make every effort to help cadets keep track of their belongings.
Do & Don’t During Camps
  • Anytime ask for help.
  • Enjoy every activity.
  • Help someone if needed.
  • Share things.
  • .Have fun.
  • Do your own daily needs.
  • Miss your parents.
  • Follow rules.
  • Don’t misbehave with any instructor.
  • Don’t miss any activities.
  • Don’t misbehave with any cadet.
  • Don’t expect someone will do your work.
  • Don’t judge others.
  • It’s a self-learning camp.
  • Don’t expect they will stay with you.
  • Don’t break the rules.

Note: Cadets will not be entertained if they do not follow the instructions. It’s a Fun learning camp, don’t feel cadets will pampered like a cozy home. Enjoy