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Welcome To MCF

"A unique training academy , working towards the vision of creating tomorrow's responsible citizens."

Marshal Cadet Force is established under the Marshal Cadet Foundation on 20th of November, 2010. It is recognised by the 21st Institutions Registration Act 1860-MAH reg. No.-2368/10 and 29 Mumbai trust Act 1950-F-31624, Pune. It is the first ever private institute of its type in the state of Maharashtra. We train the Cadets to make them physically & mentally fit thus helping them achieve greater success in their academics. We train the aspirants for Indian Air Force, Merchant navy, Civil Aviation, and all other defence and civil competitive entrance examinations.


To make a student capable of Self Defence & sportmenship

Training and Guidance

Technical Training and Guidence will be provided.

Physical Fitness

To increase Stamina and physical fitness.

Build CCLL

To build Confidence, Courage, Leadership, Liveliness

Cadet Preparation

To prepare the cadet to work for the nation and society.


Individual attention and special lady instructor.

  • I am very happy and a proud mother to be associated with MCF. My child is shy and he usually dont mix with other kids. But after completion of MCF camp today i am speechless and emotional. He improved a lot. This is a great achievement for my child. Thankyou MCF.

    Parent of cadet
  • Physical activity is very important for children's growth. Now a days children are addicted to TV, and playing with electronic gadgets. I appreciate the initiation of MCF for conducting such a nice activity based camp. I am very sure that every kid will be benefited from this. All The Best.

    Parent of Cadet
  • Every kid needs physical excercise. The curriculum of MCF is aimed at improving the fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination, fast thinking . These kind of sessions are very useful for the young generation. Thank you all staff for conducting these camps.

    Parent of cadet
  • Most of the kids have come from pune and mumbai. I am from satara and after seeing all these performances, i am happy that my kid was also part of this camp. Each and every kid has done very well. Staff and trainers had worked hard to train the students. Thank you MCF for this great experience.

    Parent of cadet
  • I am from mumbai. The MCF institute is very dedicated and commited for child's growth. The success of this camp is only due to the hard work of each and every staff member of MCF. Thank you MCF. we look forward for more sessions in future.

    Parent of cadet
  • I was concerned about my kids safety and had some doubts how the institution will look after my children. But after seeing them today,i dont have words to express my happiness. The mentors have done an execellent job. Thank you MCF

    Parent of cadet
  • Every parent is concerned about their children's security, i was also little hesitated to send my child to camp. The management at MCF assured of my child's safety and his well being. After seeing my kid perform today there are no words to express my joy. Thank you MCF and all the best in your future endeavours

    Parent of cadet
  • It is a big challenge for parents handling kids in vacation time. In past generations, people used to go out and play. But now a days children are addicted to TV and indoor games. I decided to put my kid in an activity based camp, and choose MCF. After seeing my ward's performance, without hesitation i can say MCF has stood to my expectations. Thank you MCF.

    Parent of cadet
  • I am very happy after seeing these all activites. At the time of sending my kids to camp i had doubts whether they would be handle their works alone, food and accomodation. Management assured me of my kids well being and security. When i talked today with my kid and learnt about his daily activites at the camp, i am satisfied and impressed with MCF's Staff and trainers. MCF made my kids very self-reliant, strong and confident.I will defenitely send my kids to camp every year.

    Parent of cadet
  • I am an NCC cadet and would like my kid to be active, confident and athletic. I decided to join him in an activity based camp. I approached MCF. Wathichg my son's performance today, reminded me of my good old Cadet days. MCF has done a great job .

    Parent of cadet
  • I have seen these activities in cartoons and movies. I was thrilled to do these activities on my own. I specially liked the Rock Climbing , Horse Riding , and Rappling. I am very happy.

    Cadet Rakesh Jain
  • This is my first camp. All the activities which i have done here are very unique. This experience is very useful. The staff is very caring. Thanks to all our trainers.

    Cadet Sharvari
  • I like the camp very much. I had lot of fun here. I will ask my parents to bring me to the MCF camp every year. This is a different experience. Thank you MCF.

    Cadet Shradda
  • I had my doubts on the working of camp,trainers and the new friends i would be meeting. And today, the final day of our camp , i whole heartedly thank the trainers for their warmth and care. I made many good friends. I love to return back to the camp next year.

    Cadet Madhura
  • I had much fun at the camp. The trainers apart from teaching also explained how an activity originated,ex: Archery. I wish our schools also conduct these kind of activities. Thank you all.

    Cadet Divya
  • I want to become an army officer. The activities i have gone through at the camp motivated me further to join the Army. The teachers took care of us like our parents. Thank you MCF.

    Cadet Daksh