About Us

Military training may sound to be a very tough activity but it is not completely true. This fast-paced world is very demanding on our kids. For the complete growth of the child's body and mind, we are presenting the Commando Training Camp for boys and girls between the age group of 7 to 21 years.

The children who are participating in this camp are divided into different groups based on their age and gender. There are many activities planned for the children to give them a firsthand experience of the military training process. The main aim of our camp is to provide the kids, experience of important aspects of life through an adventurous training module. The cool and beautiful ambience of Panchgani provides an ideal setting for the camp. This experience for your kids will be never-like-before, who are bound to enjoy and learn at the same time.

We have been organizing commando training camps in Panchgani since 2009. We have organised ten successful camps till now and this is the 11th year. The girls’ group is supervised by a lady manager with two lady instructors. A group has 30 students with two instructors training them. We have medical/ambulance facility 24*7 in the camp.

This camp will help students to explore outdoor and adventure activities. It will definitely open up the mind and help in personality development. MCF not only trains the cadets to be alert, aware & attentive but also trains the students how to be a survivor and lifesaver for others. Here the students are trained to face, cope-up & survive in undesirable and unfavourable conditions. Cadets learn how to deal with situations like natural disasters, accidents and calamities etc.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to "Create Tomorrow's Responsible Citizens". MCF aims to shape the youth & make them capable of facing the challenges of the world. Physical & Mental fitness plays a very important role in our lives. A physically and mentally fit person is less prone to medical conditions. Our aim is to train the cadets and make them participate and perform well in athletics, gymnastics, aquatics, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, shooting, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton etc. We help to develop the overall personality of the cadet. Future of a nation depends on the youth of the country and MCF helps in shaping the youth.

Meet MCA Team

Ganesh Borate


Lt.Col.Ganesh Babu(Retd)


Raju Gosavi

Cheif Instructor MCF

Nub./Sub.Kailas Chandra

Training Commandant MCF

Nub./Sub. Sadashiv Jadhav

Training Commandant MCF

Dr. Sara Thomas

MCF (Principal)